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Losing hope and my sanity

I'm so sad and low so excuse the sad post but I feel like I have nobody to vent to as everybody seems to think I should have got over this by now.

I lost my little one 3w5d ago at 13 weeks after trying for 5 months. I know 5 months doesn't seem like a long time but it felt like an enterity to me and SO. I tested this morning extremely hopeful that I would have caught again only for it to be negative.

The thought of having to track my ovulation all over again and do the TWW again breaks my heart and I just want to spend all day crying. It doesn't help that we pretty much had everything for the baby such as a cot, changing table clothes etc it's like a constant reminder of what we lost.

Then it seems like half my Facebook is pregnant and I just feel so alone. I don't know what to do anymore.

How do you all get past it and keep going?

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Hi, I am sorry to know yr story. Have you seen yr fertility specialist to find out more? Don't give up and stay positive. x

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Hi Sasha,

Sorry you are having a rough time I fully remember feeling exactly what you are feeling.I found every negative test after my loss more and more heartbreaking, and the thought of trying each month exhausted me. Im not sure you ever get past it, but you do learn to keep going.

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Oh Sasha, I'm so sorry for your loss

My friend coped with her losses by getting straight into ttc and focusing on that. She said it helped her.

After my first loss I gave it a cycle then tried again, I was very lucky to have ds2 straight away but I think I would have struggled if it hadn't have happened quickly.

Currently I'm going through a second loss right now and it's breaking my heart. I just don't know what to do, I also took 5 months to conceive and can't bear the thought of doing it all again.

I'm sorry I don't have any advice but please know you're not alone and that's what people are here for x

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