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Cycle after mc

Hi ladies I had a mc at 8 weeks in June. Iv just started with first af today and wondered what peoples cycle after af was like? Was it back to normal ie same length ovulating at same day etc or did it take a few months to get back to normal?
Thank you

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I think everyone is different but mine was normal right away. I had a d&c in April, then felt clear o signs 13/14 days after the d&c, thought I'd try an opk, had two days of positives like I usually would, with strong o pains and then negative. Af came at 28 days exactly, so normal cycle for me (though we weren't ttc). It was the same the next month, o on cd14, and I got pregnant with this baby that 2nd cycle (that was end of May/June). I imagine it depends what your cycles were like before, and I don't know if it would be different if you had a natural mc. Hopefully though you'll find it all goes back to normal quickly. I know for me I found it all really healing to feel like my body still did what it was meant to do.

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So I had a D&C on April 21st. Things were kind of wonky for the weeks following. I only bled on the day of the D&C then nothing until my first af 5 weeks later on May 26th. During May I think my body tried and failed to ovulate 2-3 times (based on multiple signs including opks).

However, after that May 26th af things seemed to go fairly normal. I ovulated on CD17 of that cycle, which I think is normal for me. I didn't have as much cm as usual, but otherwise everything was normal. I conceived that cycle so I don't think the limited cm was an issue.

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I had a d&c just last week, August 2, so thank you all for sharing your experiences. I've had almost no bleeding and my pregnancy symptoms are nearly gone. I used to have 28 day cycles religiously, I was as regular off the pill as I was on it. I am hoping I return to those and I get a period this month (my birthday is August 30...maybe a nice AF present?! hahah) or early September, so we can try again.
Good luck to all of you!

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