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is this a normal cycle after mc?


my body seems very confused. I had a miscarriage on aug 15 at 10wks. 9 days later i ov'd then 3 days later i started to bleed again... only lasted 24 hrs and was only light enough to need panty liners throughout the 24 hrs. Then 5 days later i ov'd again and then 4 days later i am bleeding again ( i did ov tests to confirm the ov-- maybe the first one was positive bc i maybe had some hcg still hanging around... but it was down from 8 thousand to 1800 inside of 2 days...surely it is at 0 by now.. but i also had ewcm all times... be it not much but it was there)

Is this normal for my body to be acting like this and trying to get back on track? i am ttc already bc I am 35 and it took 2 years for my daughter to be just worried it will take as long or longer this time around.

my question is can i actually even get pregnant right now? i am ov'ing (last week i had sharp ov pains) just wondered with such wonky cycles up til now if a baby would even implant..would there be enough lining for it to attach to? currently my af is heavier than it was last week which of course is a good sign.

anyone have a similar cycle after a miscarriage?

Dr said it was find to start trying right away. The baby was a surprise as we werent trying, but now since i have been pregnant again dh and i would desperately like to be expecting again...sadly we told our families around 8 weeks and now i have to expect all the condolences which i am not looking forward to. We told fil that i dont want to talk about it so hopefully no one mentions it (have a family gathering this weekend so hoping no one says anything)

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I'm so sorry for your loss.

I was told to get some cheap pregnancy tests and use those until I got a negative result, and to resume tracking afterwards. Those last few hcgs can really hang in there sometimes, and can muck up your OPK results.

It's also totally normal for your cycle to be a little off for several months following a MC.

That said, if you are repeatedly experiencing spotting and unusual bleeding, you may want to get an ultrasound to make sure that your body has passed all of the tissue.

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After my mc I used OPKs and got strong positives 3 different times in a 5 week period. I don't believe I actually ovulated any of those times. My hcg came down very slowly, especially at the end. I had a D&C at 10 weeks, but had lost baby at 8. My hcg was originally around 56,000, I believe, but it still took just over 4 weeks to get a clear negative test. I didn't have any further hcg draws, but monitored with pregnancy tests and had faint lines that lasted forever. I even had some fluctuation where the lines got a little darker then lighter again. At 5 weeks exactly after my D&C AF returned and then I got pregnant again that cycle so it can still happen relatively quickly.

I didn't have bleeding during those 5 weeks, but the rest of what you are experiencing sounds similar to what I went through. Unfortunately all you can really do is wait it out. I know it feels like eternity, but you will get through it.

I'm so sorry you are in this position. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

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