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Just need to rant

Sorry, just feeling really emotional at the minute; and this forum has always been there so couldn't think of anywhere else to go.

It's been a year and three months since I had my miscarriage. I lost my baby at 9 weeks(3rd June 2016). This happened just over a month after losing my granny. I still can get depressed about it all, been trying ever since but it hasn't happened. This is probably because of the cysts I found out I had this year. They caused me horrible sickness. It doesn't help mattters that for the past 2 months my husband has been working away 4days a week which has now increased to 7days so I won't see him for another 2 weeks; and I am having to work,cook, clean and look after our 2 dd by myself. Just need a bit of me time really.

At the minute I'm upset and feeling emotional because it's my birthday on Thursday. A few months ago I wanted a small party and a BBQ to celebrate but as my husband will be gone now and won't be back for it or the week after, I can't be bothered doing all the work etc myself. Plus as I would only be inviting his family (mine live 400miles away across the Irish Sea) it would be a bit strange. Don't have any friends of my own; don't get me wrong I do try and have joined the local Amdrams to try and make friends but everyone seems to be in their groups and it has been hard to fit in. My mum was over a few weeks ago and said she was only giving me money this year and not a card. Which she forgot to give me when she was here plus the money my auntie had given her to give to me for my birthday and she won't send it in the post so probably won't get any of it til Christmas when she is here. Won't get nothing from my husband as he is away and my dd are 2 young so won't have any form of celebration at all. I know this sounds pathetic but I have been so down for the last year and just want to enjoy life and move on but I always spend ages planning everyone's birthday and making a fuss and no one ever does anything for me. A few years ago my mum didn't want to come over for my 30th birthday she wanted to go on a mini break instead (not with me; with her partner and my granny) even though she had just come back from a 3 week holiday a few weeks before. I just always feel my feelings come last.

Rant over, just needed to write it down as I just feel so isolated at the moment.

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I'm so sorry that you're feeling so isolated and alone. I wish I had some advice; it sounds like you're doing everything that you can. Could you perhaps join some more groups to try and find other women to be friends with? A local mom group on Facebook, a gym, book club, etc.?

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First, Happy Birthday!

Second, don't feel so sorry for yourself. It wont do you any good as hard as life seems at the moment. You have TWO daughters you get to love on and watch grow and that in itself is a blessing.

You seem to be an outgoing person and in that case, I highly suggest you join groups or start going to a gym. You have too much time to worry and feel alone and not enough time to better yourself because you're allowing yourself to be defeated. Don't pity yourself, look at all the beautiful things you have in your life. Do you like arts and crafts, or maybe volunteering?

Also, do you have a dog? You didn't say anything about pets but if you don't have a dog, go right now and get a puppy and welcome your newest family member. My son passed due to stillbirth at 33 weeks pregnant in 2016 and my three dogs helped me through every second, minute and day. I'm pregnant again now and I couldn't imagine my life without my dogs. Not only will a dog take your mind off all your sorrows, he or she will become a member of your family and provide you companionship, love and comfort. Dogs are also a bigger deterrent to break-ins than security systems believe it or not! If your daughters are young as they sound to be, they will grow up loving your dog and your dog will love them just as equally. If you can't adopt or rescue a dog,

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