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Friable/Sensitive Cervix after Miscarriage and D&C

Hi Everyone,

Well, we lost our baby last November at 13 and I had to go back in a week later for a D&C. My cycle returned 5 weeks later and was "normal" We ended up having an early miscarriage in February and that is when my cycle started getting screwy. I began to spot a week before my period and randomly during the 2-week wait. I have never in my life had this happen before.

Fast-forward to now and it is still happening. I went to my OB and she did a pelvic exam during the 2WW and said my cervix is extremely friable and that is what is causing the spotting. She did a full hormone panel and everything was normal, even my progesterone. She also said it shouldn't affect my ability to conceive. I have 3 live children and this has never happened after delivery or anything. We have been TTC for 8-9 months with 2 early miscarriages during that time. I had thought it was just my cycle being off from the first miscarriage but it has never corrected its self. I have even tried Vitex for 4 months and nothing. I can;t help but feel this is somehow related to the D&C, anyone else have or had something like this? Did anything help?

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