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Looking somebody advice

Hoping this is correct place and that someone can give me some advice😬

So found out I was pregnant round week of 9th october, confirmed with digital on 11th which read 1-2 weeks. Had been on the pill when I found out.

Friday 13th I woke up with heavy bleeding which lasted couple of days spoke with epu who advised best to be at home as nothing they could do anyway.

I went in holiday on 15th and returned 22nd,on the morning of 23rd oh and bd and think because he had been that used to me being on pill so no protection but assumed I would be ok as so close to loss, attended doctors that afternoon where she did a pregnancy test and it was negative.

Past couple of days have had a really strange taste in my mouth and just feel a little strange, now I know it would be impossible to have pregnancy symptoms this quickly but is there any likelihood that I have fallen pregnant so close to a loss?

Also I did a test tonight which is still showing a faint positive for me so could it be that hormones are still in my system?

Thanks in adsvance for any advise😘

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I'd go back to the doctor and ask them to either do another test or request bloods/a scan