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I have a little boy who will be one in November and DH and I have just decided that we want to try for #2. I'm due AF on Wednesday so we are going to start tryino next month. In some ways I am very excited: I've been ready since DS turned 9 months, it'll be great to give DS a sibling, nice to have a little baby again. But I'm really scared.

We didn't have an easy journey to get our little boy - 3 chemical pregnancies, 1 ectopic and subsequent removal of my left fallopian tube and 1 mmc all in the space of 13 months. I am terrified of something like this happening while we are TTC#2. I'm scared that it will break me or DH and we'll never have #2. I know my body can do it. We already have a beautiful, healthy little boy who brightens up our lives but the idea of going through it all again is terrifying.

Anyway, I'm going to try ignore my anxieties and keep everything crossed for another healthy pregnancy and baby.

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Good luck! I hope it's a smoother process for you this time.

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Hi LynAnne I just wanted to let you know you're not alone. I am also ttc baby number 2 and we didn't have any easy time conceiving DS. It took just over 3 years ttc and 2 miscarriages before finally getting pregnant with DS. Pregnancy was textbook until the end when I ended up being admitted to hospital with high blood pressure, being induced and ended in an emcs! But he was worth it. DS turned 2 last March and we decided in May to ttc number 2. Second month of trying we got a bfp but unfortunately I miscarried at 6 weeks. I am only now deciding to try again. I hope your journey is easier the second time round. I hope we both get sticky bfps soon!

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