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AF/Ovulation after miscarriage

Currently 18 days after my MC and having cramps and slight lower back pain which started on day 16 lightly and has progressivly gotten stronger today.. wondering if AF could be showing up this soon or perhaps its super crampy ovulation pains?

Any ladies had af show up this soon after mc? Dr hasnt been overly helpful and says everyone is different case closed!

Hubby and i have decided to wait til af shows before ttc again as i dont want to get excited at a bfp and it turns out to be left over hormone from before. However before making this decision we dtd 3 times (8, 10 and 11 days after mc) so also wondering if this could be implantation cramps this soon?

My bleeding had stopped by day 7, had slight browny stuff for a few days after.. but day 17, 16 and 15 ive had slight a blood tinge on my pad (still wearing a small one incase bleeding started again!)

Hope all this makes sense!!

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I've read you have to go 20 days with no bleeding/spotting to be considered AF. However, I just had a CP complete on the 20th and my HCG back to 1 on the 1st with some very light spotting. I went to my fertility doc for a baseline ultrasound so I could start my next cycle of injectables and found out I'm ovulating on my own this time and I already have 2 follies, one at 15.8 and one at 18.3! He said they've been recruiting for about 10 days now and I should O in the next couple days. We aren't sure why I was having little spotting, but it was all old blood so likely just leftover. Anything is possible! Is it possible for you to see your doc for an ultrasound or hcg level? That might help give you insight on what's going on.

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Thanks for your help!

Im waiting for some pregnancy tests in the post.. sensitive ones, so i will test tomorrow morning and see what it comes up with! Either way i will make an app with my dr and see what they say!

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After my MC my tests we're all positive for three weeks after I didn't have continual bleeding because I had a D&C but on the 4th week I had strong pains similar to miscarriage and I did an ovulation test and it was peak day so I miss the first one and then a week later AF returned and now I am on CD 7 and had a strange feeling to test ovulation on day 5 and it was negative and then I did again on day 6 and it was positive so I'm currently ovulating 2 days after AF our bodies do weird things after something like this so my opinion just keep tracking and keep testing to make sure all the hormones are gone and go with your gut feeling

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Have a look at the post I just put up x

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What happened with you? I am curious because I am having a similar experience.

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