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First couple of AF after miscarriage

I know the first AF after a miscarriage can be different to normal, but is it supposed to carry on this long? **TMI throughout**

I miscarried on 21st Oct at 6w3d, bled for about two weeks. I had my first 'AF' 4 weeks after the miscarriage started, but I'm not entirely convinced it was actually AF as I was having tests for suspected retained products as I was still getting positive HPTs and various other issues. The bleeding started once they put me on a strong course of antibiotics so I suspect they maybe kickstarted my body to clear everything out, a midwife told me that might happen. It was a very clotty bleed too and I bled for 5 days and then spotted for a week and a half.

But assuming that bleeding was AF I've now got my second one (). I actually thought it might be an implantation bleed at first as I started spotting 5 days early. It was very brown watery blood, and I never usually spot before my period, usually have heavy flow straight away. I had unbearably sharp pains, similar to my miscarriage, the day before the spotting, then much lighter cramps than normal until the bleeding properly started (3 days earlier than AF was due). Now I am on my second day of bleeding but it still doesn't seem normal. My usual menstrual blood is dark red/brown/purple. This is bright red, the only other time I've seen blood so red is with my miscarriage. It's also a lot more clotty than my usual AF. I usually have heavy periods but today it is much worse, I can't sit on the toilet to change a tampon without filling the toilet with blood.

Is this just my body recovering or is something not right? I'm trying to avoid going back to the doctor or hospital, because after my GP and an OBGYN in A&E being really concerned that I had retained products, the sonographer and day shift OBGYN made me feel like I was a hypochondriac.

Edited to add: I took a HPT yesterday (a few hours before the bleeding properly started) and it was negative.

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It does concern me that you are bleeding so much fresh blood and it does not sound like af to me I would definitely go back to the doctors or even the emergency room I hope you are ok and your miracle will come after your body has healed

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