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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC after an Ectopic pregnancy HELP!

Hi Everyone,

I am new to mumsnet so hopefully I am posting in the correct place. I have an ectopic pregnancy nearly 4 years ago which lead to key hole surgery to remove the left fallopian tube leaving me with only one. Due to the emotional roller-coaster I was on at the time I decided not to try for another baby until 6 months later, I have been trying ever since and not yet been caught. I have tried ovulation tests, apps you name it iv tried it. I'm wondering if its now time to bite the bullet and go to see my GP?
Has anyone else experienced anything like this? My husband already has a son from a previous marriage so I don't think the problem lies with him. But my stress levels are rising and its really really getting me down. Iv found that my mood is very low majority of the time lately and I'm turning to food for comfort. I by no means ever been over weight but now I am slightly overweight and iv piled around 2 stone on in just 1 year which wouldn't be to bad if I wasn't so bloody short haha! you can see every lbs which I think is also adding to my mood and feeling of disappointment in myself.

Thank you for listening ladies

Love Jess xx

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Yes definitely go and see your gp if you havenít already

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