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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Waiting on AF to arrive to start using CBFM - Anyone else?

Hi Lovelies

I really need some advice. I had a missed miscarriage on 23 Feb 2018. I passed all myself at home. The bleeding went on 4/5 days, and when it stopped I tested at home and received negative pregnancy test.

I am waiting on AF now to arrive with no luck. I purchased the CBFM in the hope that It will help me track my ovulation. For the last 2 weeks I have been using the cheap OPK sticks at home but each day they are negative. My husband and I have only started having sex again in the last week or 2.

I have booked a doctors appt for Thursday but I have a feeling they will tell me to wait for AF.

I was wondering is anyone else in a similar position? I am 26, this was my first pregnancy. I was taking pill contraceptive for approx. 7 years and only came off it a month before conceiving.

How long does AF normally take to come back?
Do I need to wait for AF to return until I start using CBFM?

Im trying not to stress as that can delay the process I know but its very hard as Im sure others will understand.


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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Just wanted to say hi, and see how your doc apt went.

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Yes same position here. I lost my baby on 8th March and my periods were always super regular. I looked up and online it said that I should expect a period around the same time as usual. All passed at home like yourself and no D&C. I have short cycles so now I'm past when AF should be here. I got all the lead up cramps as usual but nothing happened. I did a clearblue early test and it came back positive but I read that they're notorious for false positives and when I did two First Response Early response they both came back negative. So I've no idea what to do other than just wait. This would be my 9th pregnancy. I have 5 kids xx

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I don’t have any advice to offer unfortunately, but I wanted to say I’m so sorry for your loss. I am a little over two weeks past my first miscarriage, third pregnancy. I also didn’t have a D&C and now that my bleeding finally stopped yesterday I am wondering when AF will arrive as well.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I Mc in Feb 4th.. it took until March 9th to have AF... now I'm on CD 31 when my normal cycle is 28 days took2 tests and both BFN... I read through a few forums that some take 2 months to get normal cycle back. I thought I was going to be normal again, but apparently not... Doc told me after miscarriage it could take a year for body to be back to normal :/ I will be seeing her this week if AF doesn't come... ugh so frustrating

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