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HCG increase after D&C

Iíll try and give a condensed story here; hopefully someone has some insight.

We had a MMC discovered on March 17, I was 11w4d, but there was no heartbeat and baby hadnít grown past the 7th week. I had a D&C the next day, with no complications. My husband and I desperately wanted this baby and with emotions in overdrive we *ahem-* have danced 4 or 5 times in the last 10 days or so (I had minimal spotting from the procedure). He has cancer, and has put off radiation since last July because we were TTC. Needless to say we want to try again right away, and the dr gave an ok.

I havenít had a period yet of course and I POAS last night expecting it to still show some HCG - I wanted to get an idea of how high my levels still were. Surprisingly there was only the faintest of lines - like you had to REALLY look. Took a second one and same thing. This afternoon I wasnít feeling ďrightĒ, and decided to do one more. Thereís a definite line! Is it possible for my HCG to fluctuate, or could it be...?! It was confirmed that my D&C was clear and thereís nothing left. Iím going nuts here lol.

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Did you accidentally upload the same picture twice? I'm guessing there should be a Test# 1

Without seeing the difference, I will say that this line by itself is not too unusual. I think I had faint positives like that as far as a month after my D&C (procedure at 10 weeks, baby stopped growing at 5/6 weeks).

But the only way to know for sure is keep testing! Sorry I can't be more helpful and good luck.

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I guess it depends what your levels were after the d&c and how quickly they have dropped back down. I think - although not certain - that unless you O'd on the first BD within those 10 days, then a new line would not come up yet (because of implantation timing) but I wouldn't say it's out of the realm of possibility as some women get their lines at 8dpo!

I also had a MC on 17th March, but I was 7 weeks and started bleeding at home then it was confirmed by bloods and an examination that showed "fetal tissue". My HCG was 470 and had dropped to 45 just 3 days later... so I can only assume mine would be at zero by now. But I have read a lot online (as we had also decided to ttc right away) and some women still have HCG in their system for weeks and weeks after a MC. Usually depending on how high the levels are to begin with though from my understanding.

Good luck and keep testing. You'll know for sure either way then

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Have you called your doctor to request hcg testing? I had a mmc and d&c in January, however, I went on to have a period and got a bfp that first cycle. When I tested it was faint and I thought it was leftover hcg but testing confirmed it was indeed a new pregnancy. I think itís worth giving your doctor a call.

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