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Confusion with opks!

Hiya, I have polycystic ovaries, lucky to get 4 periods a year, been ttc #2 since June 2015 (#1 took close to 4 years!) and suffered a chemical pregnancy on 20th February. From the 3rd of March I've been using opks twice a day to try to work out my cycles as it is near impossible without having periods and I had 2 days of positive opks on 5th & 6th of April. However, I have woken up this morning feeling really crampy and have some spotting going on too, I have read that you can get some positive opks just before AF but I didn't get a positive opk the whole time I've been testing before these, would this mean I didn't ovulate? I am so confused!

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I also have PCOS and have always had irregular periods. I tried using OPK's for a couple of months and they were not helpful for me AT ALL. I would have a positive one week and a positive the next, or no positives at all then a period. Looking back, I think maybe the hormone imbalance PCOS causes affects their reliability? Or I know you can gear up to ovulate and then never actually ovulate/ovulate later.

Sorry I don't have more insight, but I found temping to be more reliable for me. Have you tried that?

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