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Red, Im pretty sure I was told the extra fertility can last a few months. Im so sorry for your loss I think having a proper period after mc can lessen some of the worry when you do fall pregnant again. It probably doesnt make much difference but I know I felt better and like it was a clean slate. Good luck x sorry for your loss too
With my first and second mc's my first period flow was a bit heavier and more painful than usual. With this recent mc my first bleed was a continuation of the mc I think as I passed some retained tissue, it was a bit weird and very sore. The next bleed which I think was a proper period was pretty normal. And Ive just had a weird long/light one the last couple of weeks but Im putting it down to prenatals possibly messing me up!!
Everybody is different and every mc can be different. I think things will work when your body is ready. As frustrating as it is.

Good luck ladies.

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