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TTC soon after missed miscarriage

Hi everyone.

I'm 21 and unfortunately my first pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage last week. I thought I was 12 weeks but a scan revealed baby hadn't developed past six weeks 😞 I chose to have an ERPC as I couldn't face the prospect of passing the baby at home.

I had the ERPC on the 11th of April and have now pretty much completely recovered physically. I'm still getting some bleeding but it's not too bad, like a light period. Emotionally I'm still very up and down. Some days I feel okay and other days I want to curl up in a ball and cry.

The pregnancy I lost was unplanned (contraceptive failure) but once we'd had time to get over the shock we were happy. I didn't quite realise just how much I wanted a child until I was pregnant, and now that's been cruelly snatched away I want nothing more than to be pregnant again 😞 I know I'm only 21 so have plenty of time to have babies, but that doesn't stop me desperately wanting a baby now.

My fiancÚ and I have decided we want to start trying again ASAP (as soon as my bleeding from the ERPC has stopped). I know some doctors advise waiting until you've had a period, but from what I've read that's just to make it easier to date the pregnancy rather than for any health benefits.

I didn't get any advice about TTC from my doctor as when they asked me I said I didn't want to try again anytime soon. This was more shock speaking than anything else (I was asked this literally minutes after being told my baby had died), and I've definitely changed my mind since.

My main worry is if I get pregnant again soon (ie before having a period) that, due to just recently having surgery on my uterus, my chances of miscarrying again are higher. I don't think I could handle losing another baby again so soon 😞

Has anyone else gotten pregnant soon after having a miscarriage? Positive stories would be so helpful right now ❤

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I'm not sure how similar an ERCP is to a D&C. I had a D&C and my doc wanted me to wait one period after to be sure the uterine lining was built up again. If your uterine lining to too thin, the baby won't be able to attach properly and can result in a chemical pregnancy.

However, I'm not sure how high that risk is. From my limited knowledge, it's not super high, just a possibility. I've heard loads of stories from people who got pregnant immediately after a miscarriage (even after D&C) and went on to have a healthy pregnancy!

I think it's just up to you to weigh the risk of trying ASAP with a slightly higher risk of CP or miscarriage, or put off trying another month. But if you decide to try right away, I think the odds are in your favor. Sorry I can't help more!

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I had a D&C and my dr told me I could try as soon as the bleeding stopped. I was pregnant within 2 cycles.

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