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Loss of twin boys

Hello im just wondering if anyone can me advice on what has happened to us please. I was 22 weeks pregnant and i had a lot of anmotic fluid and they couldnt do nothing. Then i went in hospital cos i was having really bad pains in my stomach then they did me a examination saying my cervix was closed and also they do me another examination and saying i was 3 cm gone, but at the same time the heartbeats was strong. So is there anything they could of helped to save my twin boys.

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Iím so sorry you lost your sons!!! I donít know what couldíve happened or what they couldíve done. I just want you to know that you are in my prayers! Iím so sorry.

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I am so sorry as well! I am not sure either Praying for you and yours!

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So very sorry you lost your twin boys, I also lost twin boys late on. I have IC which means the cervix is weak and opens around half way through pregnancy and pre term labour usually starts. Did your doctors not mention a stitch / Cerclage?.

Massive hugs

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Deeply sorry for the loss of your dear boys.

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