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Breast tenderness and cramping AFTER ov??

I have never experienced this prior to my MC. This is my first cycle TTC after my first AF. Usually I have ov cramping the day of ov and no breast tenderness even leading up to AF. Could this be a new normal for me bc my hormones are different since mc? I am only 3 dpo and this has been happening since 1dpo so its def not pregnancy symptoms. Also usually after ov, the cm turns sticky to none at all and this cycle after ov, I'm noticing stilll some stretchy cm.. so confused but maybe I will use it to figure everything out. Not even positive when exactly I ovulated this month so I'm hoping I didn't O later and miss it.. thanks for listening, and any help would be appreciated! However, just to add, I did ovulate 12 days after my mc so I don't think things would be too much longer than prior..ok thx!

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I have also notice breast tenderness at Ov has got a lot worse since my loss. I think it does take a while for everything to readjust. I feel like I am going through puberty again sometimes

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