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Old Jul 26th, 2011, 22:39 PM   11
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I am also trying for my first after two miscarriages...I fell pregnant the month after i went off my bc pill..( was on it for 13 years) the pregnancy stopped developing at 6 weeks and I began to miscarriage at 8 weeks. My second was a chemical pregnancy..I found out I was pregnant the day Af was due..nice bright line!! 2 days later I lost it ....

GL everyone I hope we all get our sticky beans soon

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Hi ladies bit of background 23, me and OH were ttc our first since last year...after 9 months got BFP jan 30th 2011 and mc Feb 4th 2011...after two cycles got my second BFP may 27th started bleeding from 30th may but hcg didnt start to decline until June 20th...i will use opks this month as we really want to have our first baby and i dont want to miss my fertile sorry that we have all gone through two miscarriages hope were all 3rd time lucky...sending lots of baby dust to you all and hope we get our sticky BFP very soon x

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Hi, I too have suffered two miscarriages in a row this year.
A bit about us, myself and my husband are both 29, we got maried in October 2009 and a year later decided we would like to start ttc. We were trying for about 4 months with no success so I bought the clearblue fertility monitor and fell pregnant first attempt in March this year, sadly I miscarried at 5 weeks. I decided to try again without waiting for a period and fell pregnant. This time I was taking a low dose aspirin and seen the heartbeat at an early scan at 6 weeks. Then the spotting started and bleeding up until 8 weeks but 3 more scans showed everything still fine, the heart ounding away and teh bleed was not coming from the baby. Unfortunately at 9 and a half weeks the scan showed no longer a heartbeat. I am convinced I have low progesterone and all of the warning signs were there with the bleeding that my progesterone wasnt high enough.
I had to go for a D&C and they discovered that I have uterus didelphyis (two wombs each with their own cervix). Its very rare but apparently has the best outcomes for all uterus anomalies. Im still worried sick about it though, as there is concerns as to whether the baby will have enough room to grow and risk of premature labour.
Just last week I went to my recurrent miscarriage clinic and had 10 vials of blood taken and they are going to run tests for everything, blood clotting, progesterone, thyroid etc.
I have to be patient now and wait 6-8 weeks for the results and then will see a specialist to put an action plan in place for me. In my case I cant try again until I get these results as I am high risk.
To suffer one miscarriage is devastating enough but to have two just knocks you for six, you just never think that this will happen to you.
Its helpful to speak to other woman on here though that are going through the same thing, its so true that noone understands unless they have been through this themself.
I still feel like crap some days and want to cry about it all.
This is a difficult time aswell for me as my sister in law is actually in labour just now and Im worried how I will cope with seeing this new baby and trying to be happy for them at the same time.
Also its so typical as two people that I know have the same due date as I would have had in december, I cant help but feel sad at that. This time last year I didnt know anyone that was pregnant but this time I know of 11 people that are all pregnant , its a terrible thing but I do wonder "why me", if these things are down to bad luck/chance then I can accept that happeing once but not twice xx

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Hope everyone gets a sticky bean soon.
My scenario was similar to Skeet9922 ... one day happy, the next day I am crying like mad.

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We are still trying for our first baby. We decided to come off the pill in April 2010, i got BFP in August and found out i was expecting identical twins, I went into labour Christmas Day at 23 weeks and lost them both. We decided to try again when period returned which was March 2011, i had an early miscarriage in June, 5w and another one last week at 5w.

Its so hard as i dont think our time will ever come, but im trying not to loose hope xx

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