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What is the deal with Soy and EPO?

Hi peeps.

That is the question really! I keep seeing it posted but dont understand what the significance is. But always looking for tips!

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TBH, I am not a soy fan. Since it mimics estrogen for some woman, like me, who already have a bit too much as it is, it can cause anovulation. When I am trying to get pregnant I try to avoid it as much as possible. But i know for others it has been a great success. I dont take EPO during my pregnancy, just at the end. Starting at around 36-37 weeks, I take it orally, and insert one gel tab to help soften the cervix. It is full of prostagladins. It wont do anything unless you are ready, but will help in softening the cervix. As far as taking it to get pregnant, I would have to look it up!! Gah! I am no help!! LOL!

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The soy is like a natural Clomid to help you O, not sure about the EPO.

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