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Pregnancy symptoms, late period, negative tests??

Hi there ladies,

I haven't posted in this area before but was wondering if anyone can help.

My fourth daughter Fern was stillborn in November last year at 24 weeks. It's been a difficult few months but dh and I are now keen to ttc again.

So my cycles have been a bit irregular, 28-35 days, but today I am on day 40 with no af in sight. I've had achy boobs, felt a bit queasy/faint, been a bit emotional and generally have felt pregnant. But the tests say no!

Any ideas?

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It could be that you ovulated later than you think, especially if your cycles have varied recently.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

No one should have to go through what you have been through

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Hugs mama!! Yeah, I agree with the PP, maybe your cycles are a bit off? I would wait a few more days and if nothing, call the doctor. Fingers crossed that you get your BFP!!!

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Like the PP said you could have had a later O, are taking OPKs or temping? I would wait a week and if no show take another test or have bloods drawn at MD. Good luck

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