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TTC @ recent loss, possibilities this early?


I miscarried about 2 weeks ago, and I only bled for about 5-6 days. I have been checking the CM and after 1 day at dry, it seems to have gone back to "normal" which is extra amount for me. My levels dropped from about 1000+ to 240 last Friday morning and I assume they have continued. The doc said there is no reason that we could not try again at my next ovulation. There was no reason that they could pinpoint that I MC. After discussion we decided as we have a daughter, that we would try again immediately.

We are planning on temping and using OPKs beginning this weekend, because my cycle is already irregularly irregular. I have AF every other month, but ovulate monthly... strange but true. So if this keeps up, we are looking to begin again (let the OPKS tell it) in mid-August. I am wondering about other ladies experiences that began TTC after a MC????? Write to us ladies....

Mine was a "missed" MC as the baby measured 8w2d and they didn't catch the situation until I began to bleed at 9w6d....

(7/27/11 -CD #8)

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HI!! Sorry for your loss. We are also TTCAL. We lost our baby boy on June 4, I had my first PPAF on July 8, and am currently on CD19. I am hoping we caught the first egg. We have done it before, so keeping my fingers crossed. I also conceived immediatley following my first early loss. Pregnancy #2 was a MC at 7+weeks, became pregnant the next month. He is a healthy 6 yo!! GL to you!!!

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