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Advice on FSH and tests


Iím 28 and Iíve had 2 early miscarriages since last May. First a natural miscarriage and the second was a missed miscarriage.

I have fairly regular periods, not exactly the same day each month but I always have one every 30-34 days. It took me 2 months to get pregnant the first time and then 7 months the second time.

On routine testing my FSH was 9.7 and LH 5.5, based on this I was referred to the fertility clinic at my local hospital as they said my FSH appeared elevated compared to my LH. They have repeated the tests and this time it was FSH 8.9 and LH 6.4.

My GP says the level of FSH is not sky high but it is higher than they would expect to see for someone of my age. From what I can see on the internet high fsh tends to cause problems with people conceiving because it means your ovaries arenít working as well, although they havenít been successful pregnancies I have conceived twice in a year. Is this a good sign? Does FSH mean I am heading for early menopause? Could it be the cause of my miscarriages?

My consultant is away on holiday till 2nd August Ė does anybody know if I should be really worried about these levels? I am completely freaking out and worried that im not going to be able to have children, or that I donít have any good eggs and thatís why Iíve had 2 miscarriages.

They are doing another test as well Ė AMH. Has anyone had this? I have to wait 2 weeks for those results and im terrified that those will be bad as well.

Any information or experiences that people can give I would be so grateful.

Rosie xxx

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From what I know, high FSH levels can be an indication of either poor egg quality or a low quantity of eggs. There is no way to know exactly which one it is, or if it is a problem, unless you get an ultrasound to look at your egg quality and quantity. As we age, obviously FSH levels will go up. The FSH test alone doesn't signal that you are headed to an early menopause, there are many other factors that need to be looked at. Also, a woman's FSH levels can be high for a number of years before heading into menopause. Even pre-menopause can last about 10 years, and if you were pre-menopausal you would have signs like irregular menses, pms, mood swings, changes in flow, or infrequent ovulation. Sounds like you do ovulate every cycle, no? That's a good sign that things are carrying on normally... and even though you did miscarry you were able to get pregnant... I don't know much other than what I've read, but I do know that the FSH is not always reliable indicator of your fertility. I wouldn't worry too much about that alone, but I would suggest getting an ultrasound done if you're still concerned. Definitely ask the doctor when you get the chance, if he thinks your miscarriages could be connected to your high FSH (if it is poor egg quality).

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