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Useful info on HCG and bleeding post miscarriage

From a great site pregnancy

Really helped me.

Why do I start and stop bleeding and the hCG refuse to fall? It's been several months now!

Let's start with why we bleed at all. Our body, during our cycle, makes progesterone. This causes the lining in our uterus to thicken and prepare for pregnancy. When we do not get pregnant, the body cuts the progesterone level suddenly, and this dramatic loss of hormone makes us bleed.

When we are pregnant, we make even MORE progesterones, levels that go from an ordinary 12 in a cycle to 30 or more. Some get even way way higher. It varies from woman to woman. While you are pregnant, if you get any sort of hormone flux, let's say it drops temporarily from 30 to 25, you will bleed a little. This often happens when you would have expected your period. Your pregnancy can be fine as the body goes OOPS and makes more progesterone to cover the loss and baby goes along happily growing as the part of the lining he or she is using is not affected.

When the baby dies, or the body figures out it is a blighted ovum and no baby is growing, in some people it will cut off the flow of progesterone immediately. These women suddenly cramp and bleed and the body gets it all out in one shot. This is a complete miscarriage.

Other times, the body turns the tissue loose slowly, and the progesterone drops a bit, and some bleeding occurs, maybe even part of the chorion comes out as tissue, but then the body senses hCG still, so it says OOPS and boosts that progesterone again, and you stop bleeding. This is a missed miscarriage.

After a few days or a week or more, once again the body realizes no baby is growing, so it drops it again. More tissue comes out, but if the hCG is still high enough, the cycle of correcting itself continues.

Most women will get a D&C at this point, and the scraping of the uterus gets rid of all placenta, which is putting out the hCG, and so the body gets no more baby signals and you have your period.

If any placenta is left, though, the body is going to get fooled again.

At this point, usually the woman, if she has already had a D&C, will be given either:

1. a shot of progesterone, to create a false "drop" so the body will start cramping and bleeding and pushing out whatever might be in there.

2. birth control pills, to do the same thing when she stops taking them

In one special case, hCG's failure to drop can be caused by a molar or partial molar pregnancy. If your hCG ever goes UP after a loss, this is very likely the case. If your hCG stalls out, it might be the case and your blood hCG should be monitored by your doctor. It is unusual for molars to fall below 100, however.

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Wow, very interesting post. Thanks for the info!

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Great information! Thanks for posting!

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Thanks for the great info x

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Thanks for the info!! Very useful and interesting!

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so does this mean if i don't get AF after around 6 weeks of d&c (when i should get it) I can take norethisterone (progestrogen tablets to induce a period)? I want to get a period so i can go back on the clomid but don't want to take norethisterone whilst i'm still getting positive pregnancy tests (which I still am 12 days after D&C and still spotting.)

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