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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Fed up, confused, just wish i was pregnant again :-(

Hi all,

You've most prob seen me popping up now and then. Today im feeling really fed up. I MCd on Friday 13th,i was 6 weeks or there about, i bled very very very lightly from the 12th - 16th, my HCG were back to normal by the 20th. iv had CM and EWCM all of last week, on the weekend it was like fluid was running out of me sorry TMI!!! I dont know when or if i did ovulate, i dont know when AF is due so i cant even get excited if shes late.

i think its all in my head that iv started imagining symptoms...........tiredness, boobs getting bigger, belly button hurting (weird i know but it happened when i was pregnant before and i week later i got a Pregnant 1-2 weeks)

im spending all my time on the internetbuying HPTs and looking up new symptoms etc, we were trying from September 11, just want to be pregnant again.....

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I feel your frustration in wanting to be pregnant again... We aren't allowed to get pregnant until I get testing back from the "tissue" as doctors like to put it....due to a possible molar pregnancy...

I just want my body to return to normal ASAP, get pregnant ASAP but I know that isn't going to happen...

Also doesn't help the feeling of feeling helpless

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