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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hello ladies, I would like to say finding this thread has been a life saver. I felt so alone thinking this situation was happening to only me. So glad to find other that understand, my husband tries but it isn't the same lol.. Ok here's my situation!!
AF visits me on her own time lol I never know when she is coming. So after getting the last 6 month average my cycle is 31 days.
Af stopped by Oct 22 stayed 5 days. Ovulated Nov 6-7 on Nov 15-16-17 had brown scanty discharge, only when I wiped (implantation?) now cm is white and milky have taken 2 hpt (cheap ones) both BFN 😫 AF should be here tomorrow but I feel so pregnant! Trying to think or make myself think I'm not so I'm not let down if AF comes lol..
Soooooo Tired😴
Sore boobs
Back pain

I have two wonderful kids 13 and 11 had to use clomid with first and 2nd was a total surprise. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same situation I tested yesterday bfn and with my 2 kids I had no signs or symptoms whatsoever. Just sore boobs with my first one, nothing else for the remaining pregnancy with either. Please help I'm losing my mind because if this is AF she cruel lol I've never had any of this before. Thanks and buckets of baby dust to all!😇🙏👶🏼

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