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36 and getting ready to TTC baby #2!

A little about me: I'm 36 years old and had my rainbow baby on February 9, 2016. I am 11.5 months postpartum (my how time flies!) and still going strong breastfeeding my very lovable rainbow. My husband and I are planning to start TTCing baby #2 in the late spring/early summer. I've always dreamed of having 3 children, but I worry sometimes I waited until too late to have 3. Looking for "older" moms in a similar situation to be buddies with!

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Hi! I am in a very (VERY!) similar position. I too am 36 years old and my little boy was born in March 2016. We're still breastfeeding here as well. LO takes his milk in a sippy at daycare, but wants his mommy time in the morning, when I get home, and again before bed. Though I am loving the cuddles, there's a part of me that is starting to want my body back, especially as we prepare to try for a second bundle of joy. We want to start trying again in late spring... The way I look at it, if I get pregnant in June, baby #1 would be 2 years old when baby #2 arrives... which is the minimum I think I can handle. That being said, while we initially only planned on 2 kids, the more time goes on, the more we are thinking maybe 3 would be good too. And if so, do we have enough time? Should we start trying sooner, or not wait as long? Time is definitely not on us older moms' side.

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Hey there, sorry for your loss. And congratulations on your rainbow baby 👶🏻 I am 34 years old and I have 1 9yr old boy .. and 1 angel baby ( MMC at 11.5 weeks March 3rd ,2017 ( the baby had passed away at 8 weeks) .. so here I am TTC again.. I am in the two week wait ( 5 dpo right now) and I would love some TTC buddies around my age ☺️

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6dpo ovulation today.. I do have sore boobs, tired, hungry, bloated.. too early for me to tell.. I'm trying not to overly symptom spot lol.. have you ladies started trying yet?

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Hi ladies I am 35 and I have a DS who was 2 last month. We are thinking of ttc number 2 soon. It took us nearly 3 and half years, with two miscarriages, before I got DS so I am quite anxious and scared about ttc number 2. But also excited as I really want another!

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Hi, I'm 36 and tentatively ttc #2.
My son is 5.5yrs old.
First son was born at 24w pg due to undiagnosed incompetent cervix. Sadly he didn't survive.
Rainbow was born Oct 2011.
Stopped birth control when he was 18 months and started ttc when he was a little over 2. Tried for 2 yrs but nothing happened. Eventually gave up and decided to be a one child family as all the TTC failure was doing my head in. Sold all our baby stuff.
Then last month fell pg totally by surprise. Mc a week later though
It's given me. Small amount of hope though that maybe I can have one more baby.
All the spotting from the mc only ended 10 days ago when the hpts finally went neg again. Haven't had a period yet, but fairly sure I ov'd on Monday.
Dtd as much as possible last week and really hoping we caught the egg. So desperately want this to work!
Currently 2dpo (according to my calculations).

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Hi ladies
I'm 37, and swore my daughter who's 21 months, was my last..
But here I am again!
Just came off the pill last week, I have no idea where my cycles at, I haven't had a proper af in months..
so I'm here patiently waiting for my body to get know its self again!

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Hi ladies can I join. I'm 35. I have 2 sons (7&6) I just got married 2 weeks ago and hubby and I have decided to TTC #3

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