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Old Jul 12th, 2018, 15:46 PM   41
Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi guys! Mind if I join you? I'm not entirely new to this site, but I'm new to TTC... This will be my first cycle and I'm kind of nervous about it

Anyway, since I love questionnaires...

Current CD: CD 9
Test Date: 2nd of August probably
What are you doing to help boost your chances: I'm using FF and taking my BBT every day. I'm taking prenatals, vitamin D, omega 3, beta complex, and coenzyme Q10, daily. About nine months ago I started doing yoga regulary (4-5 times a week). Four months ago I stopped eating refined sugar. Three months ago I stopped drinking all alcohol.
What random thing are you looking forward to/want to happen with your future child: I'm really looking forward to seeing their tiny baby feet. And smelling the new baby smell
What not pregnancy related thing are you doing to keep your mind happy? Yoga!
Any other news? We're in the process of finishing our new home renovations... Need to pick a kitchen in the next few weeks! And doors!

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Old Jul 15th, 2018, 03:01 AM   42
Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi you all! Mind if I join?
I am pretty new here (2nd cycle TTC) and was so delighted to find this new thread were there are also fellow artificial inseminators !!

I am on CD 19 right now, using pretty much everything I can... I have the AVA bracelet to BBT since my sleeping cycles are frequently changing (working shifts), OPKs, CM, using 2 apps: clue and flo. I am starting to feel now a bit more confident about tracking, but timing inseminations with our donor is pretty stressful anyway.
I am trying to take this cycle easy, in order to do that I do sport, dance and swim in the river. Plus work helps to keep my mind off of it...

Hope to hear good news from you soon!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi ladies! Welcome! I feel like dealing with this is easier when you have people to talk to who understand how you're feeling.

Ikaria, I've always wanted to try yoga but I have the balance and flexibility of a new born giraffe haha. Good for you on getting so healthy! Ive been getting better at taking my vitamins and I'm trying to cut down on caffeine.

Nima, I know what you mean about having someone to talk to about AI. Its both better and worse for me since its hubby's sperm we are using. Better because obviously he's "on tap" but worse because I feel like people are wondering why we aren't doing it the "normal way" I'm sorry its been stressful with your donor? Is someone you already knew? How do you do your insems? Rain had mentioned using the cup and I was wondering if you had more info about it.

As for me, I'll probably break and start testing soon but I have very little faith this will be our month. I haven't been symptom spotting at all but, hope springs eternal. My official testing date is Sunday the 22nd

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