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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Seeking TWW buddies 4dpo-ish (Clomid)

Hey hey lovely ladies, hope this thread finds you well and good luck to you all.

I am brand new here, tried looking through buddy threads and felt I was butting in lol - so I'm starting this fresh one up, hope that's okay. Thanks for having me

Looking for folk in the TWW of a clomid cycle, who can a. join in obsessing over our symptoms or b. shed a little light on them lol

I am cd24, probably 4dpo (if I did ovulate - last scan showed follicles still growing so at the very earliest, I would have o'd cd19). TTC #1 for five years, never been PG, no idea what to expect from the clomid (round 1, 2-6, 50mg), from a 'normal' cycle (I am usually regular 27/28 days but no ovulation) or from any upcoming PG symptoms either.

Have a feeling my cycle is going to be longer this month due to the meds (due 4 days, but no signs at all that she's coming, usually sore boobs and moodiness by now, instead I'm very tired and very hungry with - TMI - a very sudden and abundant return of my CM after clomid dried it all up. No idea if clomid symptoms, new af symptoms, or anything else. Honestly, this TWW thing is baffling lol.

OBGYN suggested testing day after AF due - that's Friday - but like I say I think if I didn't O til day 19 or later then 'late AF' is actually going to be after weekend - cd30/31 at least. So the TWW just got a little longer...

Anyone else going through similar and wanna buddy up? Thanks for listening

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