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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Clomid and Progestone Round 2

My DH and I have just started actively trying. I went off the pill in July 2017 (now May 2018) and have yet to have a period unless I use progesterone 200mg for 10 days. I was on the same birth control pill for about 12 years and I wonder if that may have messed me up somehow.
Last month was my first month on clomid 50 mg days 5-9. I used ClearBlue Advanced OPK. I got 6 days straight of blinking smiley faces, never did I get a solid smiley. I used a cheapo OPK also and never got a positive. My progesterone test at day 21 came back only 0.34 ng/ml so my OBGYN said there is no chance that I ovulated let alone conceived. I was super bummed. I had my follow up today and he said to do the progesterone again and upped my clomid to 100mg days 3-7 this time around. I really hope I at least ovulate this time. I am getting pretty concerned that there might be something wrong with me but my OB just kinda shrugged it off and said "These things happen."
Any other ladies have the same drug cocktail and have success the second time around?

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