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1 DPO Today... Looking for a Buddy...

My name is Heidi & I am a 27 year old Law Student. My husband, Adam, is a certified mechanic at a local dealership. He has a 6 year old daughter from a previous relationship and I love her as my own. I love scrapbooking, photography and the law so I spend a majority of my time scrapbooking or following the newest cases before the Supreme Court. My husband and I have been married since November 1, 2010 (we got our first BFP the day before our wedding). However we experienced a miscarriage just 2 weeks later. We have been friends since 2000 when I moved to Illinois and didn't start dating until after I divorced my first husband in 2008.

So this child will be my first, but his second, which gives me mixed feelings. As I said I love my step-daughter, but I know that he won't be experiencing the same feelings I'm going through as he's been there before. We'll see though, when his DD was born he had a completely different relationship with his baby mom as he was 18 and she was 16 so at the time it was a very unexpected and unwanted pregnancy, he now loves her more than anything. This time we are actually trying so I'm hoping that he initial emotions will be different. He was also signed up to join the Marines and left for boot camp when his BM was about 3 months pregnant so I know that some of the experiences will be new for him.

We've decided that we re not going to find out the sex of the baby, mainly because he wasn't given a choice last time (he just received a letter while in boot camp saying "It's a Girl"). I'm trying to give him the decision on every choice I can so that he feels as involved as possible. I've even given him complete control on the name (unless it's a girl then the middle name has to be May for my mother who passed 07/14/10).

We decided that March was the month we would begin trying as I have had 3 AFs. I am now 2 DPO and I'm nervous dealing with that 2WW. Does anyone have any tips on dealing with the 2WW? I'm trying to keep myself occupied with school and the house, but everything makes me think of babies. Yes, I have baby fever.

Well that is a little about me & my family. I look forward to talking with you all and experiencing this wonderful journey with you.

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hi there! i am currently TTC#2. i had my dd 6 in september and am nursing, and as of yet AF hasn't shown except for a very light bleed at 8 weeks postpardum and another very light spotting at 16 weeks.. so i basically dont even know if im ovulating, which makes it hard to TTC! but we just keep on DTD and hoping that we catch the first egg before AF returns! anyway, i noticed that we seem to have a lot of the same interests and situations. i have a 4 year old stepson who is my husband'd from a previous girlfriend and i had a lot of the same fears as you when i got pregnant with audrey. i was scared that he wouldnt be very into the pregnancy and that she wasnt going to live up to his perfect son, etc. it all turned out perfectly though and looking back i can see that the stress was for nothing.

so, lets see... im 25 and i just graduated last may with my doctorate in architecture and a bachelors in spanish. so i know what it is like to be TTC and then pregnant while taking an intensive course load. also, i love to scrapbook as well and photography has been a passion of mine since i was old enough to know what a camera was.

anyway, i just saw that we were very alike and thought you might like to be buddies, even though im not on the same cycle as not on any cycle right now!

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My husband and I have been TTC our #1 for about 8 months now. I am currently (I think) 1dpo. I had a positive OPK yesterday so that is why I am guessing. I am due to start around april 19th. I hope and pray that it doesnt show up this month!! So we are atleast pretty close in cycles I would say. So if you want to be buddies that would be cool. Not looking forward to the tww. But we maybe can help eachother through it..

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