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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC#1 Clomid Cycle#1, PCOS 28yrs-need a buddy

I new to this site and TTC, in general. I would love a cycle buddy. I need to learn the ropes! Any advice or support would be greatly welcomed and appreciated!

A brief background on me:

Menarche-age 11. Normal 28 day cycle. Very bad PMS, heavy bleeding, debilitating cramps.

Onset of menstruation issues/amenorrhea-age 17. Placed on various bcp to regulate. Low dose hormones do not regulate me. Higher doses make me ill and I am taken off of it.

Dx w/PCOS-age 22 (transvaginal sonohysterography confirms both ovaries are polycystic) I do not have insulin-resistance, nor do I suffer from a lot of the classic symptoms of PCOS (like hirustism, etc).

TTC since 03/2010

FSH Day 3-all test results are within the normal range except Total testosterone which was 7.8. (high end of ref range was 6.4)

Hsg-Right tube open, left tube has a cornual block. Finding is indeterminate as the blockage may represent a clot, polyp, or mass. No treatment prescribed for the blockage.

DH's SA-all within normal limits except for PH which was 8.3 (high end of ref range was 8.0) + a few WBCS. Perhaps a urinary infection? IDK

So on 03/02/2011 I went to see my OB-GYN and she went over the results and handed me a flyer which read: 1 Free IVF cycle for women under 35. Really?! After stalking awesome sites like this one, I know that women have succeeded without IVF as the 1st option. I am a very compliant patient, with that said, I do expect my physician to be prudent in my treatment.

First of all, I am fully aware that my problem may be outside of her scope of expertise. She is not a RE, she is the person who delivers the baby an RE helps you conceive. So I was not upset, just curious as to why she would not attempt to remedy my problem which she told me was anovulation. She did not want to put me on bcp, order a lap for the blockage, dig further into the cause of my testosterone result. She didn't even take into consideration my DH's SA! She wanted me to take advantage of the free cycle while it lasted. So I asked for clomid and she begrudingly obliged.

CD 1-4
AF brought on by Provera. I had a surprisingly normal occuring AF on 01/31/11. This new cycle needed a push so she gave me Provera 10mg.

Clomid CD 5-9

All the side effects women wrote about on these sites did not happen to me during these days. There was absolutely no difference in the way I felt.

CD 10-15
If I thought I had it easier than other women on Clomid I was sorely mistaken. I am suffering from the weirdest pains, cramps, nausea, headache, backachethan I have ever felt before! This may be a good sign the meds are working? One benefit of PCOS (if there is one) was losing all the PMS symptoms. I had about 4-5 AF visits a year. And maybe only 1 or 2 of those cycles brought any PMS symptoms. My cycles are between 60-70 days maybe. I have definitely gained weight. An outfit I wore 2 weeks ago no longer fits! What a crappy side effect! OPKs are confusing as 2 different brands tell different stories. BBT is not reliable as I cannot seem to temp at the same time everyday w/my (and DHs) weird work schedules. Cervical position is strange and changes day to day. CM is so minimal. Thanks Clomid! Using Pre-seed now.

So I BDd ED or EOD because I have no clue when or whether I already Od! Do I keep OPK-ing? I really hope I O from the side w/the good fallopian tube! Gosh, this is so new, frustrating, but rather exciting to me. Its such hard work. But worth it in the end, Im sure. I just hope I do not need more drastic treatment to get my BFP

So here I am at CD16. My lower abdomen hurts. I have heartburn. My thighs and glands in my groin are throbbing with shooting pains down my legs. I slept for 12 hours today. BBT temp dropped drastically when I temp'd in the AM. OPK (-) but 2 lines are present w/one a little lighter. My head is pounding. I would love a + OPK! My cervix is medium, soft and open per DH.

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hey there, welcome.
unlike you im a PCOS poster child and have been since about age 12. i was diagnosed very young via symptoms and blood testing , around age 14. i knew this baby trip when i wanted to take it, was not going to be fun. im currently 29 and had my ultrasound confirmation of the PCOS just 5 months ago. my cycles wre always long, and regulated on BCP as a teen. as soon as i stopped them, nothing happened. my cycles were anywhere from 6 months to 2 years apart. i have had 3 cycles naturally since 2005. Only one of those was a 28 days cycle. my last one before treatment was 181days, only ended due to provera to get things rolling.

to help with the headaches, i found that drinking a Lot of water or electrolytes helped. the head aches i had experienced on my clomid were added by the other drugs i was on and they felt a lot like dehydration head aches mixed with low blood sugar ones.

for what it is worth, on clomid the first 3 months, i didnt feel too much. occasionally had hot flashes, but i just attributed it to all of the changes, not the clomid. i had severe back pains with clomid 100 days 3-7 the first round. second and third round of clomid 150 days 3-9 i felt nothing. i had no problem with weight gain on clomid alone. when i was introduced to my other drugs, i blew up. ive gained 15 lbs since starting with my extra drugs, which is quite depressing since i lost over 40 lbs when i was beginning this journey with my FS.

fourth round on the clomid i didnt feel major side effects (other than my vision was playing games on me which worried me) however i DID know i was growing follicles. on

my day 11 and 12 i was nauseous, and had horrible ovary pains on my right side. we were out at dinner on CD12 and i was almost keeled over in pain and afraid i was going to get sick. it wasnt stabbing pain, more cramping and feeling like my ovary was just expanding and pressure. i figured it meant i had something brewing and just dealt with it until my CD14 US. when i showed up, my doctor asked if i felt different this month, and i said yes, my right side is about to explode, and sure enough i had 2 follicles. i hadnt felt anything on my left and it had nothing. when i triggered my ovulation with the shot, 30 hours later my right side was on fire and stabbing. i had no reaction on the left.

i've never had a positive OPK until i had my trigger shot on CD14 (and now days later it still says positive lol. why am i still wasting pee on these?) . so i cant help you there.

i wish you well on your journey. im a few days ahead of you, and not doing the exact same route (clomid yes but IUI because of the hubbies results) , but id love to chat if you are looking for someone to talk with! best of luck and i hope you are feeling better (and that you get your +opk) soon!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Thanks for the reply

I would love to chat w/you too!

I attached a pic of my OPKs from today. Hope it uploaded...

The strip on the top was @ 10pm (perhaps too late?)

The bottom strip was taken @ 1pm (too early?)

Does the top strip look + to you? I'm certainly not the best judge of this! I have very bad eyes and so does DH lol

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