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Are you more fertile when you stop breastfeeding?

Hello, I haven't been on BnB for around 4 years, so I feel new again!

I have 2 gorgeous little ones, DD is just 3 and DS is 2 months. Both were conceived after a failed IVF attempt.

I have endometriosis and a low ovarian reserve. I don't respond well to the IVF drugs but we have managed to conceive spontaneously in the few months that follow the treatment both times. I would love a 3rd little one to complete our family but we don't want to go through IVF again!

I am currently exclusively BF my little boy. I know women are supposed to be highly fertile after giving birth. I'm wondering how long that period lasts?

Also, I'm wondering if I exclusively BF for 6 months, will I have a highly fertile period when I stop?


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