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Hi Hailey!

I do that with all my ICs. But I so want to here what your FRER shows tomorrow!
Good luck!! Really hoping its a bfp for you.

BubsMom that made me laugh a lot!! That will be me next cycle if we don't catch this one.

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I'm joining you girls here! Hopefully I will get to test this month.... (see 'rant' in the January thread for explanation....)

It's nice to see you're not alone in the world of crazy when ttc hahaha

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Im ashley and im a POAS addict! I start testing 6dpo. Im now 9dpo and still a bfn Not having any symptoms either Still got some hope and trying to be positive!

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Sweet Cherie
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Hello Georgie, I'm Cherie and I'm a POAS addict.
You did it then - this is a super thread!

I admit to:

1.Peeing on a stick anytime of day, when the fancy takes me.
2. POAS even though it's way too early and I know it.
3. Hiding the evidence from DH.
4. Disguising used sticks before throwing them away.
5. Spending enough money on pee sticks to raise a mortgage for a decent sized property in Kensington and Chelsea...

This thread will probably not stop me stick-peeing - I'm too far gone for saving - but at least I'll feel better reading about all the other girlies who are doing exactly the same thing as me!!!

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I would like to join you all. I have just purchased and taken delivery of 200 opk's and 20 hpts! I have used 2 opk's per day so far (see my other post earlier tonight). I seem to be addicted to sneaking off to the bathroom to test. Hubby knows I do but never requests the result. He just lets me get on with it.

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Hey I'm Nicole and I have an obsession with taking pregnancy tests.

When I run out or close to it I want to go to the store. Even if its negative I want to keep taking them because maybe just maybe that one was wrong. ;(

I also hide them under things so he doesn't know I take them, because I know it's too early but I just want it to be positive so bad..

It completely over runs my thoughts.. I think about it all day everyday

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My name is Sam and I am addicted to pee sticks.

I started testing at 2dpo (potentially due to uncertainty over ovulation date). I tested this evening and as expected BFN, I know logically it is WAY too early and little eggy wouldn't implant yet but part of me hopes my body is super human and will fast forward the result or something. I also took a digital OPK this evening just to be sure haha. It was negative.

I hide pee sticks in my hoody pouch so I can sneakily peek at them periodically until I choose packet or fast food boxes for instance to sneak them into to dispose lol.

Nothing gets my heart going the way watching a pee stick works does, just watching the dye rush across the test and forming a LINE...YES I think, a gets sucked up by the control line quickly and I am left gutted that it was just the process the test goes through to work lol. My control line always eats my dye. I want revenge! I want a BFP so dark the control line is left weak.

As I said, I think I have an issue with pee sticks.

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Hello! My name is Simone and I am a POASaholic! I did manage to wait to test at 11 dpo. I ran out of tests to test with fmu today and bought more today and tested when I got home.

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me too! me too!

Hello! I'm Rebecca and if I'm not peeing on an ov stick, its a pg stick.

I order the strips off ebay. I recently had to restock. I used 2 different companies and got 50 pg tests and ordered 20 ov strips. The ov people sent me pg tests and I wasn't bothered. I emailed them and they sent the ov sticks and i got to keep the pg sticks they sent by I'm thrilled i have more pg sticks to pee on!

I'm in my fertile window now and told hubby not to be out too late.

I also decided to add soft cups into the mix this month. FX.

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Hi, my name is Amber, and I am addicted to pee sticks.

I am guilty of stashing them under the bathroom sink, and in my makeup bag until they can be safely disposed of.

I am guilty of testing too early, although I am trying to stop doing that this go around.

I am also guilty of continuing to test until every stick is gone even if I am pregnant, just for fun.

This is my last baby, so I am confident that I will have my addiction under control eventually LOL!

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