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3days of positive opks . have i missed ovulation ? confused . help !!!!

hi everyone first time posting and I really hope someone can help me shed some light as to what's going on, or have had similar experiences .
so I'm sort of new to the whole ovulation predictor testing .
accoing to fertility friend I was predicted to ovulate on cd 13 ( Sunday ). which is usually the norm , it's around this time or maybe a day or so after each month . anyway , I was experiencing strong ovulation symptoms during my fertile days before predicted ov, I.e strong cramps and EWCM , so I tested and got a positive on the ovulation test on CD 11 ( Friday ), the test window was as dark as the control , not darker . I tested again on CD12 (Saturday ) and again got a positive result , the line again as dark as the control , though not darker , yesterday CD13 (Sunday) I tested and again got a positive thou the line was much darker than the control , which is strange as the EWCM which had been in abundance the precious 2 days had greatly diminished :S. I had a few cramps off and on throughout the day . I tested today CD14 and got a negative Result , less than 24 hours after such a strong positive ?? if yesterday was the day of ovulation would I still not be displaying symptoms for 12-36 hours I read this is when the ovulation would be predicted to happen ?? I'm so confused .

what makes matters worse is I've had a bad chest infection as the past few days and didn't BD at all during the first two positive result days as I was feeling so poorly , just once last night , and now I'm worried ovulation may already have happened before this .

any opinions or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated

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