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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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New here and need some help!!

Hi my name is asia and Im new here and really need some help! I gave up TTC #2 because it just wasnt happening after trying for almost 2 years and just needed a break. My Cycles are somewhat odd...but this month AF came early and was kinda short and lite...well about a week later i started having really sore nipples.. like everything that touches them hurts them...bad lower back pain....the really bad crave for peanut butter and to eat ice....then last night i went to the bathroom and had very lite pinkish brown on the TP...just that once! we have not had had sex for a few days so it wasnt then i checked my cervix, high, closed and dry and tender as ever!! i am hitting my head on a wall, i dont want to get hopes up....what is going on?? anyone have any ideas???

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