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Hi girls....thanks for all the support...after i wrote u u girls last night i felt much better...unfortunately i cant just tell her abt my miscarriage as dh strongly doesnt want me to..but this morning wen she asked me tht the plan for the day was i did tell her directly tht i plan to relax and spend the day at home and i dont want to go out anywhere....fortunately for me she didnt say anything to tht and now is also sitting at home and watching tv...i feel happy u girls told me to stand up for myself and say sth...i love u girls...muuaahhh

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Good for you for standing up for yourself!!!!

Come over to the March thread!!!!

Luck of the BFP! Welcome back groupies and wevwelcome new friends!

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Hi Girls!!

Thank you for joining all of you this month! AF came right on time today... So we know what that means.. No luck last month!! But I'm at least happy it seems my body is getting back into its rhythm after just one month off BC :-) So CD1 and hopeful for this month! Good luck to and baby dust to everyone!!!

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Ni5 come join us in our March thread.... look at the post just before yours and there is a link on there.

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