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Period is 22 days late with negative tests

I had my lmp on 12-20-12 and should have had the last one on 1-18-13 as I'm anywhere from 28-31 days on any cycle. My next one would be due by 2-18-13. I am now 22 days late for my January period and took a home test this week that was negative so I called my doctor thinking well maybe I might be but getting a false negative result they ran a urine test only and it also was negative no physical exam no blood test. When I conceived my son in 2010 I didn't take a home test until my second missed period and it was only faintly positive then. Since having him in November of 2010 I had an iud put in that fell out in may of 2011 I then had one depo shot did not go back for the second one and my periods returned that September but with a little unexpected problem I had ovarian cysts for 9 months after that when in may of 2012 I went back on birth control pills I stopped those in October and have been cyst free since starting them and now off of the pill. So this is definitely not a cyst the doc did write me a script for prenatal vitamins and has set an appointment for 4 months from now if my period doesn't return to normal by then then we will investigate further but as of right now I have already went through a severe case of depression due to 9 months of cysts and not being able to conceive now this and it seems like everyone around you is getting pregnant or has just had a baby. Anyone have any helpful advice if I don't see my period by the 18th I am going to test again and hope that it's like it was with my son.

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