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A little help please!

Okay so since I accidently bought opk's instead of HPT (they came in the same boxes and I didnt realize until I got home)
I want to really buckle down and temp/use the opk's that I bought this month but I'm kind of confused.
Ive just ended my AF today (feb 14th) and I have no idea when I ovulate.. So, I'm just wondering, how many days after AF ends should I use my opk's ? Does your BBT drop or rise when you are ovulating? what time of day is best to test with the opk's?

Thanks! I think I have a few more questions I just cant remember lol

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Im not sure on the temping but i test with opk's cd 11 till my positive goes usually i get pos between cd 11 to cd18 but depends how many u get in ur pack i also have average 28 day cycle and get af 14 days after positive opk

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