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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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So my husband and I have been TTC (forgive me if I don't know all the lingo, I've just started reading posts and learning!) for about a year now, and I was just told I had PCOS. We can't do anything (military) until the year mark with a fertility specialist, so other than Provera, we are on our own. Well I was given Provera this last month, and after I stopped bleeding I started ovulation testing right away. I got a positive in the evening of the 7th of this month, and we did the deed. We made sure we were hitting every other day too, just in case I was wrong or missed ovulation. (This was actually the first time I ovulated in 10 months that I knew of).

Fast forward 6 days, and I started to have some dark brown slimy spotting. It lasted for a few days, about 4, and never got hard. Just was there when I wiped or an occasional spot on my undies.

I know about implantation spotting, and I also knew that it could just be my body wanting to bleed some more after not bleeding for a while. I did start testing the day after I started spotting, just to see and so I knew right away. My husband is more baby crazy than I am right now, so I want to be able to deliver a positive to him so bad.

About 2 days into spotting I tested and saw a super faint second line on the test. I wasn't sure, because with our luck it was just an evap. But since then I've pulled about 4 very faint lines on different tests over the last few days. If I ovulated when I think I did I'm about 10-11 past ovulation. Is it possible to get that many faint positives in a row without it getting any darker? I know it's early, and that I should wait until after my period is due again to check, but I have nooo clue if my period will even happen this month without some sort of jump start anyway.

I have been having some "symptoms" but I'm super scared that it's just me THINKING I'm pregnant, and therefore my body is reacting.

I've noticed that I'm peeing more, slight nausea, I'm starting to smell some things a bit more than I used too (sick puppy means poop in kennel, but I smell it on a different floor when my husband didn't smell it when he was next to it. But he's a guy, so that may just be him being oblivious!). I have a bit more sensitive breasts, but mine have never been all that sensitive anyway, so its hard for me to tell that way. I'm a bit moodier (that's my husband speaking, maybe he's just gotten more annoying! ) and I cannot for the life of me fall asleep and night, stay asleep, then sleep past 7-8 am!

Anyway, any advice would be lovely. As long as it's not mean or dramatic! But the main question is, is it possible to keep getting super faint lines?

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Its a small chance that you're getting multiple evaps in a row. But it is possible that you're getting bfps. Because its so early this could be why they haven't gotten any darker yet. Have you tried a digital? Try different brands of tests and see if you get the same results. By the time af is due you should have a very clear bfp if that is what you're actually getting
GL to you!

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HI! hoping you got your BFP!

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