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Positive OPK but OH er.. Could not finish!! :(

So this is only our second cycle but I have pcos and they are sometimes quite long and it's hard to pin point ovulation.

That being said I was on CD18 and had symptoms, did an OPK and got a very strong positive.

Me and OH had been DTD everyday from CD9.
We tried yesterday (positive OPK) TWICE and he just couldn't **cough** finish.
We tried again this morning and this time "it" wouldn't even stand to attention.

Like I said it's only cycle 2 but it's still a little frustrating since he had no problems the last 9 days.
I doubt we'll DTD tonight or tomorrow. I think telling him about the positive OPK has given him "stage fright and performance anxiety". Poor guy - he's never had this before and is usually amazing.

My question is:
"Do you think we still have a chance conceiving this month"

DTD - CD8-CD17
Positive OPK CD18
No BD'ing CD18 -CD19
Possible BD CD20

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sounds like you have very good chances, I know sometimes OPK's are a little unpredictable but I'm thinking even if you did O on the 20th you have a pretty great chance there. GL!

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