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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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am I pregnant???

Hello well here is my long story, so my lmp or lmp(s) was 22 dec 2013 that lasted 5 days normal bleed ect, then 6th jan 2014 another 5 day normal bleed, no stress ect 1st time ever, I have lack of sleep at night, weird dreams, hungry, a lil weight gain like 2lbs, bad back, cramps, twinges, pulsation feelings, my nails aee strong, dizzy, light headed, hot flushes and boobs heabvy and my body looks bruised via my veins being so noticable and have a red flush look from spider veins, my periods are normally 31-32 days apart, 8 days early I have pinkish watery spotting for 2 days, still able to have sex as that little then for 5 days a normal bleed with cramps ect that I never get on period or bad back wich carry on after period, also after ivulation I had very watery discharge for 2 days where it dripped down my legs its soo odd sorry for tmi!!! Thanks

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