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Lady_ t
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Since we didn't conceive this time around...

I have an irregular cycle like many of us, and got my period about a week before it was "supposed" to come. It lasted about four days and the flow was typical for what I am used to. The first day of my previous cycle was 2/22 and I had intercourse on CD 9, 12, 15 and 18. I then got my period on 3/16 (or last Sunday) and even though I had my period I took a pregnancy test on 3/20 which produced a negative result.

My 30th birthday is on Friday, and since we will not be trying to conceive again until after it passes I thought I could have some celebratory drinks. Based on the information above, is it safe to say I am not pregnant, or is there another way to tell for sure that I am not? If there is no way to be sure at this point then of course I will not risk it, but I thought after having my period and having a negative pregnancy test I did not conceive this month. Has anyone been in a similar situation and can share some thoughts?

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Hey Lady T--

I'm currently going through the same experience. We've been TTC for a few months with no luck. My cycle seems to be pretty consistent, and I even took an ovulation test and had intercourse on the days following the positive test. In my experience when I've gotten the negative tests results they are usually accurate. My doctor once told me your more likely to have a false positive test then a negative. I'd say that as long as you didn't take the test to early then you probably have an accurate read. I've also heard that having a few drinks helps eases your mind and keep you loose and calm. Maybe when TTC next month that could help.

Best of luck

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