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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Has anyone SWORE AF was coming and ended up being pregnant?

I had sex every other day during my fertile days.. (2 weeks ago) this is my 3rd month TTC.. My boobs are a bit sore, which never happens before my period.. But I have cramps that make me SWEAR AF is coming.. I even put in a tampon last night thinking it was going to start and the tampon was clean when I took it out.. I had discharge that looks like fertile CM but it's white and stringy, a few days ago.... now I have white creamy discharge.. last night my cervix was low, hard, and a bit open but now its barely reachable with a finger, and closed.. I'm still very crampy.. I've been tired lately.. wanting to go to sleep around 8:30 PM.. where as I can usually stay up until 1-2 AM.. these cramps are just like AF cramps.. my period is due today.. what do you guys think? has this ever happened to you, then you realized you were pregnant.. ? I'm so scared to test, just to be disappointed

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