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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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has anyone experienced this? a little tmi

My name is kairi and I am New to this site and New to ttc. My husband and I have a beautiful little girl. She was a surprise pregnancy. Anyway lol these are the main points in my question.

Extreme fatigue, slight spotting once or twice after wiping, and a glob of jelly like cm. Also had a dream of a positive pregnancy test.

My menstrual is due on the 26th. But, According to the ov test I took I was supposed to ovulate on the 18th, which is later than I'm supposed to apparently. And I experienced the normal signs of it. I did have unprotected sex during this time and honestly all month to try and heighten our chances. Last night both my husband and i dreamt of having a positive pregnancy test. Which I've only ever done two other times. When I was pregnant with my mc. And when I was pregnant with my daughter. It's now the 20th. When I woke up this morning and went to wipe after peeing there was a huge blob of jelly like cm on the tp. Followed by slight spotting about twice. Both very small amounts and like a light pinkish brown color. I've also been so exhausted today, to the point of actually taking a nap. I NEVER nap. And for the past three days I've felt butterflies in my tummy at random times . Has anyone experienced this so early on after ov? If so what was the result for you. When I was pregnant with my miscarriage I was constantly in agonizing pain until I bled and lost the baby. But I was also EXTREMELY tired. Napping constantly. With my daughter I had so much going on that I didn't pay much attention to signs. I found out I was pg with her at 4-5 week's. But I remember being EXHAUSTED and napping a lot with that as well. But with both of them Idk how soon that started. So sharing your early symptoms and timelines would be appreciated.

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