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TTC #2 while breastfeeding

Hello, any other ladies out there trying for #2 while still breastfeeding? My LO is 12 weeks on thursday, and I'm currently wondering if my two week wait is up or not. 12 dpo, but its my first cycle post partum so not too sure what to expect. No sign of AF and the frer was probably negative - thought I was seeing a line but i stared at it so long i think i imagined it. Did anyone have their cycles change in length after their first?

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Hi I just saw your thread and wanted to share! I conceived my #2 while bf #1 exclusively My af came back 6 wks postpartum (I'm one of those unlucky women whose period returns right away) but it didn't feel back to normal until he was 7 months old. my cycle length returned to 28-30 days but the flow was different until the month before we conceived. it was super super light and I'm thinking I wasn't ovulating. Anyway, the first month we really got busy during my fertile window (cycle day 10-18) I fell pregnant. they are 16 months apart and it's great Feel free to ask me any questions you want Good luck

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