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Hi everyone ❤️
I've been lurking for a little bit. Everytime I tried to take a minute to write something else would come up with baby or home.

Fajr is now 3 months (14 weeks to be exact). We traveled to California with her. My husband had a business trip and I have no family here whatsoever, so I decided to go with him rather than staying alone for 10 days. It was a 17 hour flight and I was terrified, but she was fine. While we were there she did scream/cry for an hour or so every night around 6pm. I thought she was having tummy issues, but now I think it's because she wasn't getting enough deep sleep. We actually went without a stroller and only an ergobaby carrier.

I'm still exclusively breastfeeding dispite a lot of pressure from in-laws and friends. It's s big thing here to give babies herbal teas -- usually anise seed. I'm still fighting against the teas, water and formula. Not a fun fight as I have to do it in another language and can't express myself properly, but oh well.

I have to go back to work next month after taking 2 months unpaid. I'm not excited about it, but I like my job too much to lose it.

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Well i just had to come on and tell you ladies that my almost 4 months old baby is as long and heavy as most 6 months old babies! Seriously, she grew 4cm in just over three weeks! At this rate she'll be taller than me by the time she starts school

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What a healthy little girl!

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Melody is getting so big! She's wearing mostly 3-6 month outfits now because she's too long for most of the 0-3 clothes. She only just turned 2 months! It's insane how big she's gotten!

We've been having some sleep issues. A lot of friends/family kept telling me to just let her cry it out and I can’t/won’t do that, especially not at 2 months old. But I had a great chat with a friend of mine on Monday. She’s got 4 kids (20 and 17, and two “oopsies” while TTA – 2 years and 5 months!) and she’s had great success getting all 4 to sleep well and sleep through the night (6+ hours) by 3 months old (and only the first did it on her own at 6 weeks, the others needed some “help”). She gave me some pretty helpful advice. The most important being consistency and routine. So now I make sure to do the same thing before every nap and bedtime: swaddle, turn on the heater/fan and the shower white noise machine, bounce her on the yoga ball and sing the same lullaby. Miracle of miracles, Melody falls asleep in under 5 minutes most of the time, 10 min sometimes but almost never longer. :woohoo: The hard part is getting her to stay asleep. I put her down in her bassinet and tuck an extra blanket around her because the swaddle sack we are using is too big width wise, but the size smaller is way too small length wise (tall skinny baby). Day 1 she wouldn’t say asleep more than 5 minutes once I put her down, by evening I got one 30 minute nap from her. Day 2 was 10 minutes and then in the afternoon I finally got a 30 and then later a 45 minute nap. Day 3 (yesterday) was the same 10 minute thing all morning, but I got three 45 minute naps in the afternoon/evening, AND at night time she slept 2-4 hours and after night time feeding went back in her bassinet and slept well!

I’m so excited! I don’t mind cosleeping but I prefer to have my bed back, especially as it’s just a queen and the foam mattress is soft enough that my weight makes a dip that causes her to roll up against me – so there’s no space and I am always hot! So morning nap time isn’t getting better as quickly as I’d hoped but afternoon and night are quickly getting better. :woohoo:

Lastly – I received verbal confirmation that I will be allowed to extend my maternity leave for another month. We got some news that, in addition to my mother’s illness, my MIL was diagnosed with lung cancer last week. She was one of our back up sitters. I turned in the paperwork to my principal and once my principal signs it then I’ll send to HR and then the superintendent has to sign and the board has to approve it. So much bureaucracy. But my union rep assures me that once the principal and superintendent have agreed the board part is formality. It’ll be a rough month, no pay and I’ll have to pay $1200 for my insurance that month instead of the normal $300, but without a sitter that’s the easiest option. My sister will take over full time baby-sitting May 1 and I’ll return then.

Sam - That's interesting that there's a big thing of giving herbal teas there. What is the reasoning behind the anise seed? I"m just curious. That sucks that you have to go back to work but I understand liking it too much to lose it. What will you do for child care once you're back at work? Will you have opportunities to pump and be able to keep EBF or will you have to start supplementing with some formula?

Heike - Wow! That's crazy.

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