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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Angela - unexplained infertility - so they have no idea what's going on? Could it be your lining? Cause obviously the egg and sperm didn't have an issue. So it seems like it's with implantation? My mind just immediately searches for some explanation. I think the natural FET could be a great thing. I cannot tell you how titular crossed my fingers are for you. I want so badly to read a post from you saying you have your bfp. Seriously my heart would skip a beat for you and krissie. This is hard. And I think it is completely natural to feel sad or bitter or whatever when you hear of other pregnancies. Things are always shades of grey. Of course you can simultaneously be happy for the other person and also sad. It's entirely natural. I think the journal thing is a good idea. I might do that for issues in my life too. Just to release some emotions. I did acupuncture for my ivf. I did it once a week leading up to it and immediately before the transfer and right after the transfer. Also during implantation I followed the advice I read online about only eating warm food and staying real warm. Maybe it's all silly and not real but I did it anyway. I drank none broth too. It was awful and I only did it twice bc it tasted so bad to me.

Krissie - I'm so hopeful that whatever strategy you choose works. If going on birth control and then coming off cleans the slate a bit and gives you any advantage I'd say go for it. So praying it works. Does your DH not want to try bc it's too emotionally draining? How are you feeling about it all? I know limbo sucks and the process is just draining bc it's not a casual thing. You have to at the very least know when are the fertile days and then there is the hope and testing. It's hard. if you decide to keep trying, I hope that you can do so without getting too drained. I don't know what to suggest for that. But I'll send out all positive energy toward it. What does your doc suggest?

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