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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hey guys hope you are all well and sorry not posted in a while as Ive had nothing to report well Im in my TWW had a lovely holiday we went to Menorca its in the Baleric Islands Spain now back to reality and work. My next cycle should start around 13th October once it starts we'll call the hospital and inform them then one the witch is gone I'll take OPKs once I get a poitive I'll call the hospital inforn them then 2 days later will be the transfer it's going to be a natural FET no drugs wish me luck, this November will mark our 4 year anniversary of TTC I just hope we get good news xx

Krissie sorry to hear your pregnancy is difficult but its amazing that everything is going well and its a girl amazing news one of each that would be my dream too xx

Star e so good to hear from you my family and friends have had Colic babies and it's hard but it will wear off and get easier just enjoy the good moments and remember your doing a good job xx

Welcome Puma I hope Clomid and IUI works for you me and DH have unexplained infertility he has a slightly low motility issue but Dr said it's not enough to cause us issues if we didn't want a child she would tell us to use protection, the issue with unexplained infertility is that its harder to treat as they dont know what the issue is so fertility treatment is less likely to work so your lucky to know in that respect xx we got a natural BFP 3 years ago this month but it was a chemical pregnancy miscarried at 6 wks then went on Clomid 6 months all failed BFNs throughout then started IVF had a fresh cycle which failed BFN, we have 2 goes of IVF left then if they fail we'll be looking at adoption xx

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