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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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i know right? its like since we found out that i have that bicornuate uterus i'm having all the things that people write about.. hope it atleast stays all the way to the end and i can have this little bean naturally.

at least they said because i had my son naturally that its a good chance that i will this time again.

bored but good. just the usual pregnancy uncomfortableness.. XD being on bedrest sucks. I feel so bad for my dh he has to do everything.

With all this he sees though what i have to do all the time with our son and everything XD

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Mum (Mom)
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Oh my goodness, bed rest must suck! Is it temporary for now, or will you be on it for the rest of the pregnancy? That would be such a huge stress on your DH! But glad the little bean is sticking around!

AFM - I am back to work this week. DH and Jack are doing good so far at home together while DD continues to go to daycare. Jack still sleeps like crap. Oh well.

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