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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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14 DPO with weird feelings

Hi everyone! So straight to it, my last MP was Sep 1st which lasted 5 days as usual. I have a 36 day cycle and according to charts I O'd the 24th. DH and I DTD the 19th, 23rd, 24th. Heres my run down.
A week later I had the itchiest nipples and sore bbs, headache, the worst backache ever, and massive bloating. Temps were 98.4-98.6 then on 10DPO temp dropped to 97.2. AF wasn't due for another 4 days and shes never early or late. I has what I believed to be IB on 10 dpo but it wasnt a normal af feeling usually im doubled over in pain with very heavy flows I have a septate uterus, but this was light, non painful although i did have very mild cramping n twinges n then a sharp pain on one side for a second this blood was very brown n lifht then the next day it turned heavy red enough to where i had to put in a tampon but again no pain and then it stopped, so it only lasted 2 days. Now today 14 DPO i had a very scant very very tiny amount of brown spotting but again it stopped. I also slept all day, i get very winded and my heart starts racing going up the stairs, i wouldnt say im dizzy or lightheaded but i have a strange sensation in my head thats hard to explain. Lastly i have these lil flutter feelings in my stomach n twinges but no sore boobs no nausea no bloating. Tomorrow morning at 15 dpo im going to test. Has anybody else experiencing something similar? Plus im very gassy. I took a hpt 9 dpo, 11 dpo and 13 dpo all with BFNs. Am I out? Share ur stories if u can relate. :-)

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I can't relate myself, this is my first cycle TTC and I'm on 4DPO. But my best friend said it took 7 weeks before she got a positive. So hang in there!

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